LIM made it’s first appearance at the ’Jazzaj’ series in Budapest in 2012, and was originally created to combine written tunes vibraphone player Oli had accummulated over the years with collective improvisation. The combination of vibraphone, electronics and a great rhythm section gelled instantly, and so the band started to rehearse and perform more often. As their sound developed however, LIM began to focus more and more on purely spontanteously created music, and now this is all they do. This double CD is a compilation of live recordings from their first four years of performances, combining fierce synth grooves, full-on acoustic free improvisation, spacey effects and field recordings, and extended instrumental techniques, often all in the same track. There are a few compositions from the early days based on written material, but most of the recordings are collective trio improvisations, accompanied by a number of special guests.

Technically the quality of the recordings is very diverse. All of the original recordings were recorded using left and right stereo channels, so there were no multitrack recordings. Some performances were recorded acoustically, and some from the live mixing desk, with all of them being mastered later. As the quality of my recording equipment improved through the years, so the quality improved from shitty to good. When listening to the old badly-recorded tracks I always kept Sun Ra’s live albums in mind – some of them sound really strange and awful, but contain amazing and enjoyable music! So, as a kind of homage to Ra, we decided to include poor-quality sounding tracks as well as better-sounding ones. As almost all of LIM’s concerts have been recorded, we had around 25 hours of material to choose from, and the first compilation was almost four hours long! But, inspired by bass player Ernő’s suggestions, further cuts were made until we ended up with what is now ’Lim-Lom’. Maybe this final version is still too long as an album, but after having listened to all of LIM’s concerts so many times, I can’t really decide… Anyway, I think it’s an accurate and diverse summary of the band’s music.

Dávid T. Pap


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Less is More - Lim-lom - Live works 2012-2015 Budapest (2016, Prepost) ALAC

Less is More - Lim-lom - Live works 2012-2015 Budapest (2016, Prepost) FLAC

Less is More - Lim-lom - Live works 2012-2015 Budapest (2016, Prepost) MP3_320

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Ernő HOCK - double bass, bass guitar

Zsolt SÁRVÁRI KOVÁCS - drums


Zlatko BARACSKAI - electronics (in 1/1, 1/6)

Péter BEDE - tenor and alto saxophones, B clarinet (in 1/5, 2/1)

Lawrence J. WILLIAMS - alto saxophone (in 1/2, 2/5)

Recorded, mixed live, mastered and produced by Dávid Tamás PAP

Cover design by Attila STARK (a.k.a. Kulo)


Recorded live in Kisüzem, Lumen, Jazzaj series & Tilos Rádió 2012-2015

Thanks to Péter NEMES, Gergely Lukács SZŐKE, KANADAKáosz, Viktor SERFŐZŐ,

Péter LÁSZLÓ, Dániel TESFAY, Ernő Zoltán RUBIK, Zoltán PAPP, Miklós SZERTICS

Released on 28th March 2016, catalogue number: PPR001

Originally released on 100 copies, limited edition, numbered CD's.

This recording is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Free improvisation, experimental, future jazz, contemporary jazz, electronic

PPR001 artwork