"Fejtörés / Rattled" is a live recording - a spontaneous musical meeting of

Grencsó & Bolcsó on Lumen's 'Free Music' series in Budapest. They were playing

together before once on a conceptional concert named "Bureaucrat Ballads"

with some other musicians on Jazzaj series, but this was the first occasion

they were playing a duo set. No need to say it was a fully improvised concert.

It's very concentrated music, it's not for background listening.


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Grencsó + Bolcsó - Fejtörés / Rattled (Prepost, 2016) ALAC

Grencsó + Bolcsó - Fejtörés / Rattled (Prepost, 2016) FLAC

Grencsó + Bolcsó - Fejtörés / Rattled (Prepost, 2016) MP3_320

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István GRENCSÓ - alto saxophone and bass clarinet

Bálint BOLCSÓ - electronics

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Dávid Tamás PAP

Cover design by Krisztián KRISTÓF (a.k.a. Randomroutine)


Recorded live in Lumen, Budapest at "Free Music" series on 12th April 2016

Thanks to Kate SYME-LAMONT and Péter LÁSZLÓ

Released on 14th june 2016, catalogue number: PPR003

Originally released as an online album.

This recording is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Free improvisation
, experimental, future jazz, contemporary jazz, electronic

PPR003 artwork