Szezonbűnözők (means Seasonal Criminals) is practically the Gentry Sultan featuring Ádám Mészáros on guitar. The band performs once or twice a year when Ádám gets back from Berlin to Budapest. This band never rehearse or speak a word about music before performing - just like here, they always play free. The concert was strange as hell. Nobody understood what was happening on stage. The audience was just staring to the band playing something really weird anti-music. I had to listen the recording back two or three times to get through a hard hairy husk and reach the seed of the music. It was the experience of an excursion when you lost your way in the forest and have to cross an endless stubly underbrush, but when you finally get out you find yourself on a gorgeous field or on a beatiful top of a mountain… Anyway we decided to release this strange recording as an album. It’s not the music for first date, but if so, you’ll be together forever! This is the first release of the Criminals.


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Szezonbűnözők (2016, Prepost) alac-m4a

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Ádám MÉSZÁROS: guitar
Szabolcs VEREB: tenor saxophone & electronics
László HORVÁTH: trumpet, magic box
Nándor HEVESI: bass, synth
Gergely KOVÁCS: drums

Recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by Dávid Tamás PAP

Recorded live in Auróra, Budapest 25th march 2016

Cover by Pumi & Davec


Live gig was powered by MonkeyBusiness Production Budapest

Released on 6 october 2016 

Catalogue number: PPR005

Originally released as an online album. 

This recording is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Strange music, improvised, full impro, experimental, weird music, free jazz

PPR005 artwork