First release of an occasional duo becoming a band. 'A Posteriori Music' is the recording
of their first concert which was also their first musical meeting ever.

It's improvised contemporary music with a prepared piano and electronics.

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4B - A Posteriori Music (2018) FLAC

4B - A Posteriori Music (2018) mp3_320


4B: A Posteriori Music


Bálnt BARÁTH: prepared piano

Bálint BOLCSÓ: electronics


Recorded, mixed and produced by Dávid Tamás PAP

Cover by Gergelylukács

Recorded live on "Free Music" series in Lumen, Budapest on 5th december 2017


Live gig was powered by MonkeyBusiness Production Budapest

Released on 17th april 2018

Catalogue number: PPR009

Originally released on numbered 200 copies of limited edition CD. 

This recording is under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


contemporary music, experimental, improvised, electronica

PPR009 artwork