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Gergő Kováts, Péter Ajtai and Áron Porteleki have been playing together in various formations for a long time, but about four years ago they decided to form a trio, which they called Kiss Again Please (KAP)! These "young grandfathers of the Budapest free music scene" have worked with everyone in Hungary who plays forward-thinking jazz and contemporary music, and have also performed with international formations. Influenced in particular by atavistic free jazz and non-idiomaic improvisation, their music combines high-energy rolling pulses with unison themes played over a wide dynamic range. This recording was recorded live at Kisüzem, Budapest, in 2017.


Kováts Ajtai Porteleki PPR013 flac

Kováts Ajtai Porteleki PPR013 mp3_320


KAP (Kováts Ajtai Porteleki): Kiss Again Please!

Gergő KOVÁTS - tenor and baritone saxophones
Péter AJTAI - double-bass
Áron PORTELEKI - drums

Recorded, mixed & produced by Dávid Tamás PAP

Front painting made by Péter AJTAI based on a work of Wilhelm WAUER
Band photo made by Dávid Tamás PAP
Cover layout by Péter NEMES
Thanks to Attila STARK

Recorded live in Kisüzem, Budapest in 2017.

Live gig was powered by MonkeyBusiness Production Budapest

Released on 21th septembre 2019

Catalogue number: PPR013

Originally released on 100 numbered CD copies.

PPR013 artwork